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This information page is presented to give you an idea of how we can serve you for your most special day.  It is not meant to be a replacement for personal contact via email or phone.  Your email and phone calls are very important to us.

I've done my research of other wedding companies and have chosen your beach wedding company for our special day and am ready to inquire about a wedding date or portrait date?    As soon as you are ready to secure a date, Contact Pensacola Photography by email whitesandsweddings@yahoo.com  or by phone at 850-637-8734 to see if your date is available.  Please leave a message if we do not answer. Due to the nature of our business, we are in and out of our office and away from the phone on a daily basis. You and your phone call are very important to us and we will always return your call as soon as we arrive back to the office, unless of course, it is very late evening.  It's good to follow up your phone call with an email to us.  We are always answering emails very late into the evening.  Since we book up rather quickly, we may or may not have your first choice of date available, however, we will provide you with other available dates.  We are not a "wedding mill" booking more than one wedding on any given date.  WE ONLY DO ONE WEDDING ON ANY GIVEN DATE so that we can provide you with our own personal expertise.  Once you book a wedding date with us, you become our special bride/groom for your most special day, and all the days leading up to your date and post wedding.  We are never rushing from one wedding to the next, out of energy to give you our very best.  You have our full attention on your big day.  Also, we are experts in knowing the best time of day for the beach lighting and outdoor elements and are professionals in capturing memories for you.  Your wedding Photography should play a very important part in your decision making when choosing a professional wedding company and wedding photographer.  The excitement of the Ceremony and preplanning is a given, however, also important is the outcome of your wedding day images.  This becomes your long lasting memories to be shared for Generations to come.

Dates are considered booked and reserved upon payment and receipt of the deposit and signed Contract/Terms.  You should book your date as far as possible in advance so that you have the date you want. If circumstances prevent booking in advance, call us anyway, we may have that date open due to cancellations.  Upon requesting a date, we will give you time to pay the booking deposit, but the date will not be held indefinitely.

The deposit required to book the date is applied to the package price, and upon receipt of deposit we will email you a detailed balance statement, showing the deposit paid and the balance due.  For weddings, the balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding date, and is regarded as fully earned if the wedding is cancelled within 30 days of the booked date.  For portrait sessions, the balance can be paid at the photography appointment.


Wedding Photography:  If we are planning a short trip to your area, will you be willing to meet with us to discuss our Wedding Day needs so we can book in person?    Of course we will.  We always welcome meetings with our potential clients so we can discuss exactly what your expectations are for your wedding photography.  We can't stress enough, how important this is to us and how helpful it will be to you.  It gives us a chance to meet and get a good idea of what your photography needs are.  If you wish to review our portfolio of work, we have over 5,000 photos in the online gallery which are representative of our style and work.  These galleries include entire wedding photography, from start to finish, not just a select few photos.  This way you have access at any time to a large body of our work.  We are always available for unlimited consultation by email or phone also.  We want to make ourselves as accessible as possible.  If you are local or are going to be in our area, let us know ahead of time so we can check our calendar for availability, and we can arrange a meeting to answer all your questions, go over all the details and sign the contract and pay your deposit at that time.  If you are out of state/town, you can print the Contract and Standard Terms of Agreement for the wedding photography or complete wedding package, fill out and sign, and mail it in to the address indicated along with the appropriate deposit amount for whichever package you've decided upon.  Most of our booking is done via phone or email, so if you cannot meet with us in person, of course, you may book via phone/email. 

We realize that it can be difficult to contract services and make plans when you are out of state/town, so we have tried to make it as convenient as possible for you.  When you book your wedding with us, you become our special bride/groom for that given date, and because we choose to only book one wedding on any given date, you will have our full attention and energy during your most special event.

Cancellation or Date Change: 

What if my wedding is cancelled?  If the wedding is cancelled for any reason, the deposit is forfeited. Once your date is booked and secured with a deposit, we must decline all other wedding or photography requests for that date and time, therefore the deposit is non-refundable.   

What if we need to change the wedding date after booking?  If you need to change your booked date, you must do so no later than (6) six weeks prior to the original booked date and each contract will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if we can carry the deposit forward to another date depending on our availability.  There will be a $100 rebooking fee charged. Deposit is non-refundable once paid.

Military Brides/Grooms:  We support and want to extend our appreciation to all military personnel.  If military orders are changed requiring a change in the wedding date, the deposit will be applied to your new wedding date, conditional upon whether we have the date available.  We would ask that you provide us with a copy of your revised military orders.  Deposit is non-refundable once paid.

Photography and Proofs:  The number of proofs you receive for your photography is determined by the package you purchase.  The packages are designed to generally cover the amount of photography needed for the amount of time included in the package.  This is true for our Complete Wedding Packages, Photography Only Wedding Packages and our Portrait Photography Packages.  Please review the packages carefully and book the package appropriate to your wedding or event.  If you need to discuss exactly what will be included, please speak with us ahead of time to make sure you book enough time for your event. For Weddings, additional Photography time is possible at a cost per additional hour. Overtime hours can be added to your package if necessary; however it is best to plan for this ahead of time.  Overtime hours include additional proofs for that hour, and the rates can be found on the standard price list or by calling our office. We'll be happy to go over all this information with you ahead of time.

Depending on the season, it takes about two-three weeks for us to get the proofs to you.  Many times it is earlier than this.  If you are local, we can arrange a meeting to deliver your proofs/proof portfolio book to you; otherwise we will mail them by US Priority Mail to the address indicated on the contract.  Be sure to keep us updated of any address changes.

Your proofs are digital images provided to you from your wedding, portrait or other photography session.  These proofs are provided so that you may select your enlargements and reprints from our online store, they are not considered final prints.  If a proof is not perfect, don’t worry, we will make any corrections before printing your enlargements or reprints.  If you have questions about a proof, please ask us. 

Instructions on ordering enlargements will be included with your proofs.  We have a safe and secure online shopping cart.  If you prefer not to order online, please send an email to whitesandsweddings@yahoo.com, and we will total your order and send an invoice either through Email or US mail.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and prior to printing and shipment of your enlargements.

Enlargements and reprints should be ready within two weeks after you get the order to us. This may vary due to the fact that our professional lab may be extremely busy during peak times (Wedding season and Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays), and we may also have a heavier workload than usual during those time periods.  We will process enlargement orders in the order received, and payment received.  If your order includes an album, we try to have these in stock, but because these are so varied due to enlargement sizes, etc., we may have to order the album, and this will take some extra time to get the shipment from the manufacturer.

No shipping charges are added to ship your proofs, or your enlargements included with your package. Any additional orders placed separately will incur a standard $8.00 shipping/handling charge.  This standard shipping/handling charge is subject to change without notice due to increased rates from the US Postal Service. Orders are shipped by US Priority Mail, and some orders may be insured and require a signature upon receipt.

Do you offer Albums that can be added to our Wedding package? 
Absolutely!  We have our special "Album Trio" package and individual Album choices that can be added to the Wedding package.  We offer discounted pricing for the "Album Trio" package if purchased on or before the wedding date.  This "Album Trio" is loved by our brides who are looking for that special gift to present to the Mothers.  Call and talk with us about this special package.


Wedding Packages (complete weddings including Officiate, Professional Photography and other items): A Alabama Beach Bride Wedding and White Sands Wedding is a wedding complete with everything you need to have a Destination Wedding.  It can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.  We have several packages to choose from to suit your particular wedding needs and budget.  Each Bride/Groom's needs are different and we understand this and will work with you to assist you in choosing the appropriate package that will cover your event.

Do You recommend renting Chairs and Sashes?  Renting chairs for your guests is a personal preference, not necessarily a must from your wedding budget.  It is your choice.  Most guests do appreciate a chair to sit in during the actual ceremony. Chairs work so well in beach weddings because your guests will know exactly where they need to be for the ceremony.  If your wedding budget doesn't allow for chair/sash rental for all guests, what you might want to consider, is renting chairs/sashes for only the immediate family (parents, grandparents, etc.) or anyone that might have health issues and have a difficult time standing in the sand.  Regardless of what you choose to do, we do have very nice sturdy white folding wedding chairs with padded seats in our inventory that we do rent.  Please refer to our OPTIONS page for pictures and rental fee of chairs and coordinating sashes.  We have no hidden fees with our chair rentals.  Our rental price includes delivery, set-up and take-down. Our chair sashes are an array of very popular colors and will allow you to bring your wedding color into the setting.

Do you provide Music?  If you want to include Music we can recommend different local Musicians for you to contact and book.  However, if you were wanting to provide Music on a lower scale, we have a nice Outdoor Professional CD Player that we rent from our OPTIONS Page.  We do not provide the Music CD, as we will not break Music Copyright Laws.  You will need to bring your very own CD to be played and a "button-pusher" to be in charge of playing your CD.  If you are thinking of renting the CD player and bringing your own CD, it is a good rule of thumb to keep the number of songs to no more than 3. We can go over all these details with you once you secure your date.

Can we bring a family member/friend or hire a professional to Video our Ceremony?  Absolutely you can!  That would be perfectly fine with us, however, all we ask is that they remain back out of the way of our Professional Photographer who is there to capture all your very special detailed moments with our Photojournalistic Coverage.  Should you decide to do this, our Photographer will be happy to talk with the person videotaping prior to the ceremony time

Once we've booked our wedding with your company, can you recommend local restaurants, salons/spas, florists, bakeries, caterers?  Yes, we will be happy to provide you with any information to help you plan your wedding long distance.  We are here to help walk you through what you'll need to do. Once we've received your signed Contract, we will be happy to give you all the contact information needed and you will then make the connection for your appointment or to place an order.  We will only recommend to you venues that come highly recommended from our own personal experience and from our past brides/grooms.

Can you provide us with contact information for obtaining a Marriage License? 
Yes, we certainly can.  Let us know from what directions you'll be arriving on the coast and we will give you the most convenient Marriage License Clerk's office for you to go to get your appropriate state Marriage License (Alabama or Florida).  If you have your wedding in Florida, you'll need a Florida Marriage License.....If you have your wedding in Alabama, you'll need an Alabama Marriage License.  If you actually live in the state in which you'll be marrying in (Florida or Alabama), you can obtain the Marriage License from your local county Clerk's office. Then you would just bring it with you in the return envelope it was given to you in.  We always provide a complimentary filing of your Marriage License once the ceremony is complete. 

Would it be ok if we brought our own Pastor/Minister/Priest/Officiant to perform our wedding ceremony?  Absolutely!  This is your special day and we want it to be all that you've dreamed of.  We do have several brides/grooms bring their own hometown Minister/Pastor/Officiant/Priest with them.  If you have booked one of our White Sands Weddings or Alabama Beach Bride Wedding packages and wish to bring your own, just let us know ahead of time and we'll be glad to offer any suggestions to familiarize them with how a beach wedding typically flows.  We are able to keep our package prices affordable because we do everything in-house, and since we do not have to hire outside our company, there is no cost-savings to us, so there would not be a discount for this.

Marriage Vows/wording:  Would it be acceptable for us to write our own vows to incorporate into the ceremony script?  Of course!  Marriage ceremonies are as varied as the brides and grooms, and we want you to have the ceremony you desire.  It is impossible to list every ceremony option or wording here, but we will be happy to discuss this with you and help you tailor your ceremony to your desire.  We are a Christian based wedding company and will provide for you a memorable Christian Ceremony.  You may write your own vows and speak them to each other by the direction of our Officiate, or our Officiate has a very memorable worded ceremony prepared specially tailored for you. There are many ways that friends, family and children can be involved in your marriage ceremony.  Let us know how you want them involved, or if you aren’t sure, we can discuss it and come up with something.  We have many different ideas for you to think about when including children, family and friends. You may have a family member or close friend recite readings, poetry or read scripture during the ceremony.  Please visit our collection of Wedding Readings and Scriptures for ideas.  If you are bringing children on either side to this marriage from a previous marriage, our Officiate/Minister enjoys allowing them to be a part of the Unity Sand Ceremony that is included with our wedding ceremony we present. Children’s vows can be included in the ceremony if you wish, which can include the presenting of a Family Medallion/gift (necklace, bracelet, etc.). These are all things we will discuss in detail once you book a Alabama Beach Bride Wedding or White Sands Wedding with us.  We're here to help you make all these decisions and make your ceremony special to you.

If you would like a non-traditional ceremony (no ring exchange, quick Elopement, etc.) just call and discuss it with us.  We want to be sure we understand what you want and do all we can to make that happen, providing it is in the guidelines of our business.  Just be sure to communicate with us so that we have a clear understanding of the type of ceremony you want. 

Will you travel to our hometown/state to Photograph our Wedding if we book one of your Premium Photography Wedding Packages?     Absolutely!  We love to travel.  Call us for further information on Travel Charges, Premium Photography Packages and date availability. 

Who will provide the Photography at our wedding?  First and foremost, we are Professional Photographers with years of outdoor and indoor wedding photography experience on a Professional level.  This is our lively-hood, not just a hobby we do on the side.  We do not hand an employee a camera and send them out to shoot your most special event.  Another fine reason that we choose to only book one wedding on any given day, is because we understand the importance of capturing those memories with high quality photography.  Your wedding event cannot be recreated and it must be done right the first time.  We are professionals that capture the mood, emotions and everything occurring during your ceremony.  We use only Professional Nikon Camera Equipment to capture your memories.

Outdoor weddings and weather: As we all know, the weather cannot be controlled and has a mind of its own!  If you are local and have planned an outdoor ceremony, you should have another location planned, just in case it does rain at the time of your ceremony--Choices for backup plan would be your home, or a friend’s home, or a hotel/condo/beach house if you are staying at the beach.  If you are from out of State/Town and staying at a hotel, condo or beach house, you should consult with the Owner/Property Manager at the time of booking, as they are used to having weddings at most of their locations and many have a place indoors that could be used for a few minutes for a ceremony, however, any fees for this are your responsibility.  In case of rain, we would never leave you stranded and will work with you to rearrange the ceremony or other portions of the photography.  For example, if we have to move indoors for the ceremony because of rain/storms and it just doesn't look like there'll be a break in the weather, we would be happy to do the outside photography and romantic beach stroll at another time convenient for all of us, before you leave the area.

Locations:  Are we responsible for finding our own beach location for the Ceremony?  We can set up your Alabama Beach Bride Wedding or White Sands Wedding at a site you have available, at the house or condo you are renting on the beach (inform the owner/management before booking accommodations), or we can use a public beach area that we have suitable access to.  We do many weddings up and down the beaches and can suggest locations that would be ideal and that are at no extra fee to you.  Call us to discuss these suggested areas.  We do everything we can to save our brides from having to spend unnecessary money.  Some locations require a Permit Fee.  Some Permit Fees are based on number of guests. Some locations require a reservation/permit for the use of pavilions, others are first-come first-served basis.  Some locations require a usage permit for groups of 50 or more.  Some locations charge per vehicle fee. Should you choose one of these locations, you would be responsible for obtaining the Permit, and the cost would be your responsibility; however we will get all of the details and information you need to do that.  Should you have any questions about a location you have in mind, call and discuss this with us and we'll find out details for you and provide you with the appropriate contact information.  If you choose the location, it must have suitable beach access for us with a trailer and wedding equipment, depending on your package.  Some locations are just not access friendly!!

What if we wanted to have our ceremony in a garden or outdoor location other than the beach?  Certainly contact us by phone or email us with what you had in mind and we can make suggestions to you for the local area in which you'll be staying.

We will not knowingly set up a wedding at a site that we know to require special permits if you do not have one.  We will abide by all the rules and regulations of the public areas where the wedding is held.

We must be able to legally access the wedding site; we will not trespass to get to the site, or will not set up a wedding on private property without the bride/groom first having received prior permission.

Some public areas also require a "per vehicle or per person" entry fee.  These regulations differ for each park, so once we determine where you would like to have your wedding, we can contact the public site for you to find out what the current regulations are and then let you know.  Any special permits or reservation fees are your responsibility.

For all Alabama Beach Bride Weddings and White Sands Weddings (except the Sand Between Your Toes Wedding Pkg.) we must be able to park a truck and trailer close enough to the site in order to unload and transport all of the heavy decorations and the equipment.  In extreme circumstances, there will be an additional fee for those locations where equipment has to be carried a long way because we cannot get close enough to park the trailer to unload the equipment at a reasonable distance.  If you think that your desired location might be difficult to get to and might require an additional fee, please let us know so we can check the location out further.


How it works:  Once you book and secure a date with a deposit and signed contract/terms, We will send you, by email attachments, more information regarding the details of your wedding. Once we have the information we can finalize the plans for your wedding, and inform everyone involved of what to expect.  We will email to you a detailed wedding plan (Timeline) closer to the wedding date for you to review.  This Timeline will have very important, detailed information and instructions for your wedding event and will ease your mind in understanding how your event will unfold.  We can then discuss it to make sure we have all of the correct information.

When you arrive at your Gulf Coast destination for your wedding, please call us and let us know you are at your destination, and please provide us with any updated cell phone or other phone numbers where you can be reached. 

You can schedule your wedding for any time of day you want, however, because many very bright sunlight days that we are well known for here on the coast, the most beautiful lighting is when the sun is beginning to soften as it makes its way downward to setting.  As Professional Photographers, we are very capable of photographing your wedding at any time of day with any outdoor lighting, whether it be bright sun or overcast.  However, with bright sun overhead, you must know this creates shadowing and everyone will be squinting, but we also understand that sometimes you just want your ceremony to begin at a certain time due to other plans.  The best lighting is the hour before sunset known as the Golden Hour.  If you want the closest time possible to sunset, we will look up the sunset time for that date, and determine the starting time by which wedding package you have booked.  We must start early enough to be finished with all photography by the time the sun sets.  First and foremost ,we care very much about the outcome of your images and will direct you in the best time of day for outdoor lighting.

If you purchase a wedding package with a cake reception included, we can have the wedding outdoors and the bride/groom cake cutting and bride/groom champagne toast at the ceremony site or set up inside your accommodations in the air conditioning.  If your wedding budget allows, A rental beach house is the perfect setting for a beach wedding with a cake/punch reception, and if you've chosen your accommodations at one of our many condo/resorts, check with them at the time of booking to see if they have a meeting/banquet room you can rent for this.  If the cake cutting portion of the wedding is moved indoors, it must be an adjacent area to the ceremony.  Any traveling on our part from the ceremony location to a reception location will entail an upgrade of package for time and travel and photography.  However, to avoid this, you may consider adding and upgrade of a Value Package One or Two to your wedding package.   

If you are purchasing a wedding package, and plan on incorporating the reception portion with a catered meal, you should consider upgrading your package to include the Value Photography Package 2 or 3.  This will allow for our travel time to the catered location, more hours of coverage for the additional time needed for the dinner, and will certainly increase the number of Proofs to accommodate the additional activity coverage.

It is also possible, if you do want the wedding that includes the cake service, to setup the cake and champagne toast on the beach, so we can get all the photographs of the bride and groom toast and cake cutting.  Then we can pack up the cake and everything that goes with it (napkins, plates, cups, forks, beverage, etc) and just send it with you, so you can serve it after your dinner at a later hour.


Timeline:  Generally, the timeline for your wedding is as follows: 

  • Ceremony

  • Formal Portraits (bride/groom, attendants, immediate family, extended family)

  • Bride and Groom informal romantic beach stroll with photographer

  • Champagne Toast and Cake Cutting (if included in package)

The actual time it takes for a wedding is determined not only by the particular package you choose, but by the number of people involved in your wedding and formal photography (attendants, family, and guests).

We will have a number of people providing services at your wedding, including the professional photographer, minister/Officiant, director of wedding services, and a general assistant.  The director of wedding services will be available to instruct everyone involved in the wedding where to go, stand, and direct the processional.  We will have everything planned according to the information you provide us, so please be as detailed and specific as you can.

Please read the Terms of Agreement for the appropriate service. The Terms of Agreement has precedence over the information presented above. If you do not understand any portion of the contract, please contact us and we will be happy to go over any questions you may have.

For an easy review of our wedding package descriptions, please print our informational material found here:
Standard Price List and General Information
Wedding Package Contract and Standard Terms of Agreement
Letter to Bride and Groom with Photography List Information

Want to see our portfolio? View complete weddings in the Portfolio section of our website.  We have thousands of photos online representative of our style and work, including complete weddings from start to finish.  We post all weddings and all proofs the bride receives, not the 20 best we ever shot in our career.

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Our photography is about the details in telling the story of the day.  It's called lifestyle photojournalism and it tells the story of your wedding through our photographers photographs.

Wedding Package Contract
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